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Labor Day Weekend Recipe Roundup is everything you need for food ideas with your outdoor picnics and holiday BBQ’s!

So long, Summer.  I blinked and you were gone and I’m very sad to see you winding down.  I’m hoping the weather will cooperate for Labor Day weekend and most of us will get to have one last summer hurrah at the beach, lake or just in your own backyard. If you’re part of a potluck or just grilling out by yourselves, here is a recipe roundup of my personal summertime favorites that I hope you find useful.  Have a great holiday weekend!


Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe inspired by Serendipity's in New York City and Miami.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Watermelon Lemon Cooler with Mint

Watermelon Lemon Cooler

Skinny Pina Colada Drink Recipe made with coconut water and pineapple juice

Skinny Pina Colada

Strawberry Ice Recipe to put in lemonade. Perfect for summer!

Strawberry Ice

Main Course

Bacon, Onion and Cheese Stuffed Burger Recipe for summer grilling. Can also make on stove top in a grill pan.

Bacon, Onion and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Caprese Burgers on English Muffins with Balsamic Glaze

Caprese Burgers & Balsamic Glaze on English Muffins

Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Burgers Recipe

Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Burgers

Key West Grilled Chicken Recipe with Mango Salsa Recipe. Perfect for summer grilling!

Key West Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa

Appetizers and Side Dishes

Caprese Pasta Salad that is great for any BBQ or party where you need to feed a crowd. Easy!

Caprese Pasta Salad

Fruit and Nut Salad made with fresh fruits, walnuts, and raw honey. Perfect breakfast, healthy dessert, or snack.

Fruit and Nut Salad

Crunchy Asian Slaw Recipe made with Ramen noodles. Perfect for a side dish to any party or barbeque.

Crunchy Asian Slaw

Mango, Pineapple & Cranberry Salsa with Lime and Cilantro Recipe

Mango, Pineapple, & Cranberry Salsa

Creamy Garlic Shells Recipe. Perfect side dish for any barbeque or any occasion.

Creamy Garlic Shells

Mango Guacamole with Cilantro for Cinco de Mayo Recipe

Mango Guacamole

Caprese on a Stick. Caprese salad on toothpicks Recipe

Caprese on a Stick

Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Salad made by Rachael Ray on the Food Network.

Tomato, Onion, and Cucumber Salad

Summertime Grilled Corn, Chicken + Blueberry Chopped Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Summertime Chopped Salad

Hasselback Garlic Cheesy Bread

Hasselback Garlic Cheesy Bread

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction


S'mores Pie Recipe with a graham cracker crust and marshmallow creme

S’mores Pie

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cups Recipe

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cups

Key Lime Pie Dip Recipe. Key Lime pie in a dip form!

Key Lime Pie Dip

Frozen S'mores made with Perry's Peanut Butter Chip Frozen Yogurt

Frozen S’mores

Golden Graham S'mores Bars

Golden Grahams S’mores Bars

Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Pie (2)

Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Pie

Cherry Cobbler recipe. Easy and delicious!

Cherry Cobbler

Peach Crumb Bars Recipe made from fresh peaches

Peach Crumb Bars

Buckeye Brownies made with Brownie Mix

Buckeye Brownies

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