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My top twelve favorite holiday dessert ideas, including quick breads, cobblers, puppy chow, cookies, and truffles.  There is something for everyone here!

My top twelve favorite Christmas dessert ideas, including quick breads, cobblers, puppy chow, cookies, and truffles.  There is something for everyone here!

Christmas is my favorite time of year for baking!  Well, it’s my favorite time of year in general.  I get so carried away and fill up my freezer with goodies with Christmas dessert in the weeks leading up to the holiday.  I like to take my personal top picks and put them together in one post for those of you who are in need of ideas.  I can pick a lot more than 12 if I really wanted to, but 12 is kind of the “magic” number of Christmas, right?  I bring to you today the twelve desserts of Christmas.  I know you’ll find something you like in this list (and a lot of them taste even better than they look – you will just have to trust me on that one.)  Better yet, you can make all twelve!  Nobody will hate you for it – I promise.  I just hope if you do this, you’re hosting about 100 people at your house…

What are your plans for the holidays?  What will your big Christmas dessert be?  I will be hosting dinner at my house this year so I have plenty to plan and prepare.  I love to hear about what others are doing, so do share!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Andes Mint Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe for St. Patrick's Day or Christmas

Andes Mint Cookie Dough Truffles

Red Velvet Oreo Cookie Dip Recipe for Valentine's Day or Christmas holiday. Dessert dip or Party Dip.

Red Velvet Cookie Dough Dip

Grandma's traditional Italian recipe for Anisette or "S" cookies. These have white icing and holiday sprinkles and will be the perfect Christmas cookie.

Italian “S” Cookies

Lofthouse Style Frosted Sugar Cookies Recipe for Christmas and holidays

Lofthouse Style Soft Sugar Cookies

Orange-Glazed Eggnog Quick Bread Recipe for the Christmas holiday. The BEST quick bread!

Orange-Glazed Eggnog Quick Bread

Candy Cane Puppy Chow Recipe (also known as muddy buddies or Trash). Great Christmas idea!

Candy Cane Puppy Chow

Fresh Apple Pie Dip Recipe made with fresh apples.  Great for Thanksgiving dessert or side dish.

Fresh Apple Pie Dip

Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread Recipe.  Apple Pie in a loaf form.  Perfect for fall.

Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread

Peanut Butter Fudge Puddles Cookie Recipe for Christmas or Holidays

Fudge Puddles

Creamy Chocolate Fudge Holiday Recipe for Christmas party

Creamy Chocolate Holiday Fudge

Christmas Walnut Snow Ball Cookies

Walnut Snowball Cookies

Blackberry Cobbler from Pioneer Woman's recipe. Easy and delicious!

Easy Blackberry Cobbler

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