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You all have great taste! I gathered the ten most popular and best recipes on Wishes and Dishes from the year 2016!  These are the recipes that gained the most views from all of you amazing readers!

In Readers' Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2016, I gathered the 10 most popular and best recipes for 2016! These are the recipes that gained the most views!

The year 2016 was a great year and I hope you feel the same way. I made it my goal in the beginning of the year to put out the most quality recipes I could possibly share. If the photos were sub par, or I didn’t think the recipe turned out 100% swimmingly, I did not post it. I really put a lot of effort into making and posting recipes that I thought would most appeal to my audience. As the years go by, I learn more and more of what you all love the most as far as interesting stories and food. I think my strategy worked because I grew my traffic by almost 60% this year! Over five years of doing this little blog that started as a hobby and working hard on it, it has turned into a real business that I am proud of.

I’m so glad you’re here! Follow along on Pinterest for more inspiration!

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the ten most popular recipes (posts that received the highest amount of clicks) for the past year and share them all right here in Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2016.  I encourage you to try one or two or ALL of them at some point this year.  After all, they are popular for a reason!

I started at #10, with the most popular being at the bottom of the post. You people LOVE your desserts, huh? Enjoy!

10. Crock Pot Peach Cobbler (in desperate need of a new photo)

Crock Pot or Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler dessert recipe is best served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream. It's an easy dessert to throw in the crock pot and just let it cook. Everyone loves this!

9. Slow Cooker Grape Jelly BBQ Meatballs

Crock Pot Grape Jelly BBQ Cocktail Meatballs are an awesome recipe for holiday entertaining, Super Bowl party, or pot luck made right in the slow cooker. They are so simple to make and extremely crowd-pleasing!

8. Sausage Cheese Balls

Sausage Cheese Balls are a quick and delicious snack or appetizer with ground sausage and cheese for Christmas party, Super Bowl party, or New Year's Eve.

7. Creamy Crock Pot Hot Chocolate

Creamy Crock Pot Hot Chocolate Recipe (Slow Cooker). For parties, holidays, pot lucks, cold winter days.

6. Classic Italian Pasta Salad

Classic Italian Pasta Salad is a colorful and reliable, go-to pasta salad recipe for spring or summer dinners, parties and picnics.

5. Pecan Pie Bark

Pecan Pie Bark is a great dessert recipe for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday. It's pecan pie without the crust!

4. Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole (this was just posted 12/7 and is already #4)

Easy, delicious, Gooey Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole recipe is sure to be a favorite for breakfast, the holidays or when you want breakfast for dinner! Your family will devour this!

3. Apple Cider Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream

Moist and flavorful recipe for Apple Cider Cupcakes made from scratch with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting makes for a mouthwatering fall dessert!

2. Salted Caramel Kentucky Butter Cake (a newbie from this year)

Salted Caramel Kentucky Butter Cake is a homemade moist and buttery cake recipe with an irresistible caramel butter sauce that is rich, addictive, delicious, and soaks right into the cake!

1. Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes (the reigning champ for 3 years)

Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes Recipe. Peanut butter cupcakes with monster cookie dough frosting


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