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I’m trying something new here on Wishes and Dishes where I will take a product I love and tell you about it.  It’s as simple as that!  There are just some things, kitchen-related or not, that I want to share with you sometimes and what better way to do it than right here?  Hope you don’t mind 🙂

I was looking at old posts on my blog yesterday (it’s a year and a half old now!) and thinking how much my photography has improved.  Sometimes I cringe when I look at the pictures from my early posts (see pictures below).  My how far Wishes and Dishes has come! A little over a year ago, I received 2 of these lights from my husband for my birthday.  We were living in a small apartment at the time with absolutely zero natural light coming in.  The place had 2 windows and they were both on the same side of the apartment….the kitchen being on the opposite side of those windows.  I could turn all the lights on in the apartment and still come out with dark photos.  It was very frustrating, so I asked Mr. Wishes to try to find a light that mimics natural sunlight (not even knowing anything like that existed…but if it exists, he will be the one to find it).

He ended up surprising me with 2 of these Lowel Ego lights.  My blog has never been the same since!  Each Lowel Ego light  fixture came with 2 30-Watt screw-in compact daylight fluorescent bulbs.  Also included was a folded white bounce card/reflector for easily reflected fill.  This bounce card makes a big impact on how bright the photos come out for me.  I use this for almost all of my picture-taking.  They really provide professional results with nice even lighting (no hot spots or glare and I put one light on each side of the object).  By tilting the Ego lights the light output will point towards the reflector card and be bounced as fill light to the object.  You can also tilt them downward to put more direct light on the object you are photographing.

Lowel Light 3

Lowel Ego Light

Bounce card / reflector

Setup couldn’t be easier with the Lowel lights: whenever I need them, I just plug them in, place them on the table on either side of the object or food I am photographing, and turn them on.  The result is tons of light output that’s ideal for taking digital tabletop shots.  The pictures come out great and look like they are taken in daylight!  Also, the lights seem to use little electricity and stay nice and cool which I was really happy about.

If you are looking for  a simple lighting solution for your food photography (or other photography like portraits!) that can easily be used on a table top, then this will meet your needs perfectly.  Here is the official website where you can buy them:

I did a fun little before and after so you can see the difference in photographs I took before I started using my lights and after!


Pecan Pie Bars with Brown Sugar, Honey, and Chopped Pecans.

Picture taken without Lowel Ego lights

Pork tenderloin with apple brandy sauce made at the New York Wine and Culinary Center on Valentine's Day

Picture taken without Lowel Ego lights


Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie with Gingersnap Crust made with Perry's Ice Cream

After I started using Lowel Ego lights.  What a difference!

Bloomin' Herb Bread

After I started using Lowel Ego lights

Disclaimer: This is my own personal opinion that I am sharing for others and I am not compensated in any way to write a review about this product.


Sharing is caring!