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Here are my Tips for Living or Traveling to Miami, Florida. I’m Back in a New York State of Mind after living in the Miami, Florida heat and humidity for six months and giving advice for living and vacationing there!

Tips for Living or Traveling to Miami, Florida

Miami Beach

Well, my luxurious life in Florida has finally come to an end.  I actually had to make my own bed this week!  Poor me!  Just kidding, I’ve been spoiled and I thoroughly enjoyed every day I had there and the overall experience I had living in southern Florida.  As much as I loved it, it also made me appreciate a lot of things about my life back here in New York.  If you just want a good laugh you can scroll to the bottom and read my last “thing I will miss”, but I recommend reading the entire post because I’m just so interesting. I am going to share my tips on traveling to Miami, Florida.