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Today my blog turns ONE! Happy blogoversary to me!

Why, yes, it was one year ago today that I hit the “publish” button on my very first post on my brand new blog and, voila!  Wishes and Dishes was born.  Has it really been a year since I published my first post?!?! Happy Blogoversary to Me!

There’s a myriad of benefits that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed from having this blog, but my absolute favorite has to be having the privilege of learning about and interacting with my readers and other bloggers, alike.  I believe we are virtual soul mates bonded together through our love of food and cooking 🙂

When I first began Wishes and Dishes, it was hosted on an entirely different blogging platform that consisted of just a boring template:  unorganized, no real character, and not even an actual goal in mind.  Now, after a year of blogging, I can say I think I’ve come a long way.  If you were to ask me what my goal was or what prompted me to start this blog, I’d say it honestly derived mostly from being unexpectedly unemployed and in need of a fun hobby.  Cooking and baking were something I struck up an interest in while trying to fill my spare time and attempting to be productive on my days at home.  After trying recipe after recipe, I thought it would be beneficial to have a way to organize each new recipe that I tried and have them all in one place, along with photos of the finished product.  I also read a LOT of food blogs over time that were very inspiring to me in beginning one of my own and follow in their footsteps.  The truth is, I now really enjoy spending time in the kitchen (never thought I’d see the day).  Naturally, I think I’ve improved as a blogger, cook, baker, writer, and also drastically improved my photography skills, especially in the last few months.  I actually (somewhat) know how to use Mr. Wishes fancy shmancy camera and I can now shoot in manual!  Sometimes I really surprise myself.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and encouragement (especially my brilliant hubby who designed my new website for me earlier this year).  I am so appreciative of this support you all give and words of encouragement in your comments you leave me.   They all mean so much to me!  I honestly never in a million years would have expected that anyone would actually read this thing!  Now 1,600+ Facebook followers and 80+ email followers later…..I’m just so blown away.

Whether you check in every day and are a treasured loyal follower, or just stop by every now and then, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and loyalty.  I am SO very happy to be blogging on this site and looking forward to another year!

Thanks, again!

Ashley Head shot About Me Photo Miami, Florida. Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Sharing is caring!