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Pesto Lasagna Recipe made with Bechamel sauce. Great for a side dish or vegetarian main course dinner!

Pesto Lasagna

Scrumptious lasagna with basil pesto, bechamel sauce and plenty of bubbly cheese.  This is a great lasagna for summer. It contains no meat and there is no tomato sauce. So there was this one time when I erased my entire memory card from my camera before copying the photos onto my computer’s hard drive.  Yup, […]

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Chicken Avocado Spring Rolls Recipe with Avocados from Mexico

Chicken Avocado Spring Rolls

Chicken Avocado Spring Rolls Spring rolls with Thai dipping sauce are one of my go-to spring or  summertime meals when I’m looking for something fairly quick and simple but more exciting than a sandwich or random pasta creation. If I had to pick a food that is a favorite with my husband and I, I’d […]

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White Chocolate Biscoff Blondies Recipe

White Chocolate Biscoff Blondies

The best and easiest recipe for chewy Biscoff White Chocolate Blondies. These are a dreamy dessert that everyone will love! If you’re living under a rock and still haven’t heard of Biscoff cookies or spread before, it is a spread similar to the consistency of peanut butter but doesn’t contain any peanuts or other nuts.  […]

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Cheesy Italian Dipper Recipe made with Fontina cheese and crescent rolls.

Cheesy Italian Dipper

Serve pizza or marinara sauce with this delicious Italian Fontina Cheese Dipper for a one-of-a-kind mouth-watering appetizer. This cheesy Italian dipper recipe is so much fun…recipes can be fun, didn’t you know that?   It’s even fun to say!  You’re going to love this appetizer.  Have you ever heard of an Italian dipper before?  Well, neither had […]

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Caramelized Onion BBQ Chicken Dip. Perfect for football parties or any time you need to make an appetizer!

Caramelized Onion BBQ Chicken Dip

Here’s everything delicious about tangy BBQ chicken in a creamy, cheesy, hot, bubbly dip with caramelized onions to make for the perfect appetizer for a party or game day. I wanted to just name this “the best dip in the world”…I really did.  I have a slight chicken wing dip obsession and this BBQ chicken […]

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Chicken Piccata Skillet Recipe. Quick and easy and only dirty one dish!

Chicken Piccata Skillet

Delicious, creamy, easy-to-follow Chicken Piccata recipe all made in one skillet for easy clean up! Happy Monday (did I just put those two words together?)! I am particularly sad to see this weekend end since it was a fun one.  We broke in our new patio by inviting a group of friends over for a […]

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